Earn $50.00 every week with your Facebook account.

Here is our payout guidelines for our Facebook leasing program. Please note that our payout options have recently changed. So if something you have seen something different on one of out craigslist ads; always checks back to this page for our most recent and up to date payouts and bonus offers!

When will you receive your 1st payment?

We will send you your 1st payment immediately after our first ads go live. Why? Because we don't know if you're using your real account or if you've had another account that's already banned for privacy policy violations or any of the multiple reasons that Facebook might freeze your account. If your account is real and you haven't lied to us about anything then you have nothing to worry about!
Payout Schedule
  • 1st Payment of $50 as soon as our first ads go live.
  • $50 Weekly for each week we are able to use your account.
Make More Money With Us Through Our Referral Program
Earn $25 for each successful referral. This means that we must be able to actually setup and run ads on the account. As soon as our first ads go live in any account that you referred to us, we'll send you an extra $25!
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